What is Consultary?

Consultary is a global online marketplace offering the knowledge transfer. The site primarily designed to be used by tutors, professionals, and experienced individuals to transfer their skill and expertise during the Webcast sessions with the students or persons that are looking to develop particular skill, knowledge or to acquire needed consultation on the subject in question. While it's not a new concept, Consultary offers a new approach to the communication between tutor (Knowledge Possessor) and individual (Public User that needs particular knowledge or skill). Consultary recognizes that many people possess professional knowledge as well as other skills that they developed through their lives. In some cases, this knowledge could be more valuable than the knowledge acquired professionally; therefore, Consultary Team deployed additional classifications for offers such as "Professional" and "Hobby".

Why Consultary is the right platform I should be joining?

Lack of knowledge and time leads to making rushed decisions. Search of the knowledgeable experts is very hard without personal referrals and takes a lot of time. Consultary is a global one-stop online marketplace for the knowledge transfer that allows clients to assess a large pool of professionals and get a consultation within a short time frame.

What is a Video Web Session?

Consultary provides Skype like web session room in the internet browser of your computer. This allows you to work from home or office using your personal computer. By connecting to your students through use of the webcam device you get an ability to help with a specific subject or even to teach individual through face to face interaction.

How long are the typical webcast courses that I would create?

The length of the webcast course is entirely up to the expert. An expert can either create one course to cover one particular subject or publish class that can include many topics. There is no limit on the amount of time your session could stay active. The expert can create a single class that can last up to 8 hours.

How many courses do you currently offer?

The platform has no restriction on how many offers or sessions an expert can publish. We recognize that many individuals can be specialists in many fields therefore as long as an expert can provide valid proof that he/she subject expert in the mentioned areas, this should be enough for the members of Consultary to book their expertise for either direct interaction through private session or class.

How have you been recruiting current experts?

We got many approaches to recruiting experts for the Consultary platform. Some of the outreaches involve a Social Networks, and direct methods through the similar platform and direct email campaign.

Do I retain ownership of the material and copyright?

Any materials publish on the Consultary platform must be treated as a Consultary property. However, we have no intention to resale this content to any other entity. Since all information is available in public, we can't guarantee that published content won't be downloaded, screenshot, copied by other members of the platform and guest accounts that available through browsing feature.

How are experts compensated for each "lecture"?

Experts profit when sessions purchased by members of Consultary.com. Once private session or class booked, an expert is not going to be able to collect funds until those bookings are completed. Once completed and feedback received funds transferred to the expert’s account for future fund retrieval. Funds retrieval can be processed using PayPal, Stripe or where you can specify direct deposit to your bank account. A transfer fee may apply based on the choice of the transaction. We can't control 3rd party costs.

Where are the courses advertised and do the experts have input in what's said about their course(s)?

All published sessions, classes, and courses advertised on the Consultary Platform along with the Social Media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Also, Consultary platform will perform PR campaigns starting January 2017 that will direct towards client acquisition.

What is the platform for recording the course for the site?

You can publish your previews on YouTube as an option to your profile or session, class; however since we are concentrating towards the actual knowledge transfer through Face To Face Interaction.

What is the cost of classes for "students"?

The cost of the session or class is entirely managed by experts that produce the offer. If you believe that your offer should cost $100, you should be inputting this price. In other words, the price should vary based on the market or internal market of Consultary. If more than one expert providing the same offer covering the same subject and the price is ranging from $50 to $70 per session, we suggest setting the price to $60 to be marketable enough for the customers to process the purchase.

What is the compensation to experts for each class purchased (flat rate or percentage of the cost of the course)?

Consultary functions on 15% commission, however, some of the experts can qualify for the particular sale. Sale depends entirely on the participation of the expert and the quality of work performed. Depending on those two performances measurements of the expert, the Consultary platform will identify individual and apply more sale on the outgoing sessions. The platform automatically can set commission level as low as 8%. Other custom offers available through direct interaction with the management staff.

Can different courses be different prices, such as escalating intensity in a certain field/project (like tougher college courses, so more difficult Consultary courses would have a higher charge and a higher rate come to the expert)?

Correct, different classes can cost different price. The price level is set by the expert and should have an adequate expected rate, however, please keep in mind that when more experts compete or publish their offer in the same subject, an expert might need to adjust the price level to get more attraction from the members of a marketplace. Please treat platform as a marketplace, your price should be adequate and competitive enough for other members to purchase your service and book your sessions. Also, if particular expert got more positive feedback than others, this can also work for the expert's benefit and allow him to charge more price on specific offer.

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